Ligeng Gu

Category: São Paulo

Time flies quickly, CTG Br is almost 5 years old, and I have joined CTG Br for more than three years. There are so many important events happened in the past years and left deep impressions on me, but the most impressive event I witnessed is the handover of Jupia and Ilha Solteira HPPs.

In the evening of June 30th of 2016, managers and staffs from Sao Paulo office and plants met in the control room of Jupia HPP. After 12 o‘clock, our duty colleague made a phone call to ONS, inform them that CTG Br officially take over the O&M of Jupia and Ilha Solteira HPPs. This take-over means the leapfrog growth of CTG Br and the opening of new page of two plants’ history. This event made me feel happiness, honor and responsibility: At that moment, we temporarily throwed away the pressure, we forgot the tiredness, these pressure and tiredness are worth, and only things left in the control room were blooming smiles and cheers. After the joy passed away, I feel that I participate in a great career and is burden a great responsibility – behalf of CTG to provide clean energy to Brazil.


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