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My name is Carlos Nakao, I am the Corporate Finance Director of CTG Brasil. I’m 45 years old, married and father of 2 children. I have a bachelor degree of civil engineering and I decided to work in finance. Since then, I fully dedicated my professional life to evolve in this area.

September, 15th 2014 was a remarkable day in my life. It was the start point of my history in China Three Gorges. On the occasion CTG was a startup in Brazilian market. Previously I was the Deputy CFO from ISS, a Danish corporation world's leader in facility services. My decision to join CTG was taken strongly based on two reasons: the positive impression that I had in the interview with Yinsheng (which I perceived, at first sight, as a superior leader) and also in the respectable trajectory of the company in China, that built the largest HPP in the world. It was the right decision to be taken and from that day on, my professional career was guided by hard work and enthusiasm.

My first challenge was to establish the finance team, including all the related activities: Accounting, Treasury, Taxes and Controllership. Up to 2015 I leaded these activities in close partnership with my colleague Wei Junjie, an important executive that came from China specifically to follow-up the business in Brasil. In this initial phase I had the opportunity to participate in the foundation of the company, that grew exponentially after that.

In the 2nd semester of 2015, an outstanding executive was hired as a Finance VP: Carlos Carvalho. From that day on, I had the opportunity to work with a truly leader, who acts with respect and delegate with trust and commitment. Since then, I assumed new challenges, with the main objective to raise funds for the group through structured finance operations, capital market and international and local banks. I feel that my professional knowledge improved relevantly in this new challenge.

During these 4 years period, CTG Brasil acquired 17 Hydropower plants and 11 wind farms, a total investment of around BRL 20 billion. The Corporate Finance department had the challenge to raise funds for all these acquisitions and performed that mission efficiently. I am proud to say that, currently, around 50% of the total investment of CTG Brasil was made through structured finance. This is the main result of my personal efforts for CTG, and I feel rewarded with this remarkable result.

Beyond the professional conquests, I also made great friends, Chinese’s and Brazilians. I had good moments with all of them, which I detached two wonderful trips that we made to Brotas for a running competition.

I am profoundly grateful for all that CTG Brasil provided to me during these 4 years.

I believe that the success of CTG Brasil so far is the direct consequence of the harmony that exist between the executives: Li Yinsheng, Liu Yujun, Carlos Carvalho and Evandro Vasconcelos. All of them are role models for me and I want to express my profound gratitude for them. Above all, I am grateful to my family, the solid support of my life.

Carlos Nakao


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