Paulo Ricardo Laudanna

Category: São Paulo

I am proud of being part of the CTG team, looking back and realizing that we have achieved a lot.
Having the opportunity to remember that when I was invited to be part of this Company my dream was to have the chance to build a skilled team, hire talents and have the opportunity to exchange experiences.
As expected, my dreams are coming true: I am witnessing a huge modernization process, a reference team has been built and an International Energy Player is under construction.
I have also come to realized, that two and half years after my “day one”, to facilitate our challenging road we need to focus on an “Internal Integration Process” aiming to reach the Excellence level for the entire Company.
However, although we have great teams the communication and integration between them should be honed.
The core and supporting areas should have the same goals and support each other, becoming one single and formidable team, helping our controller and our Chinese partners to be at the same pace, clarifying their doubts and making them comfortable with our decisions and actions.
The Company has challenging demands and together we must solve them, whether they are from the Corporation, the Controllers or the Regulators.
We do not need to achieve management excellence immediately, but we do all need to be on the same frequency growing together, collaborating, realizing who needs help and support each other.
This 5 years anniversary may be the exact moment of this integration - let's do it!

The photo is in Jupiá / COG – “Day ONE” for Paraná - a remarkable Day – (1 month after my “day one”)


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