Sergio Fonseca

Category: São Paulo

In 2014 CTG Brasil I had the opportunity to join a small group of people who stated to build CTG business in Brazil. At the time, we were working hard on the company foundation and on learning how to operate and develop business in Brazil. I remember during the twilight years of CTG Brasil, in 2014 and 2015, Li Yinsheng and Liu Yujun relentlessly taking notes and asking about the Brazilian business environment while building the bridge with headquarters.

On October 2015, all CTG Brasil managers (nine at the time, including Mr. Li, Mr. Liu) joined together in a simple house´s green back yard along a large table. The group motivation was to put to paper the values, mission and vision that would bond together and guide the growing number of employees. There was a concern of finding shared values that bridge across Chinese and Brazilian cultures, and that reflect the core values of CTG´s culture.

We had enthusiastic discussions on the importance of clean energy and the desire to contribute to Brazilian development. The group advocated the idea that our company must have a larger responsibility to society than our day-to-day business. In addition to core values such as respect, integrity and excellence, the team found that happiness and simplicity were values that distinguished and united us. I´m glad to see that those values grew bigger.

Since that spring of 2015, the colleagues who joined CTG Brasil have embraced the vision, mission and values and have been building an unprecedent growth story. Our team capacity to quickly develop new projects and adapt is largely a result of a working environment where employees are motivated (happy) and focus on the simple important issues. Like CTG Brasil, the values also have evolved with the times, with the a key change in 2016, when Safety was included in recognition of the growing operating activities.

I wish our vision, mission and values will continue to evolve and to drive us to a bright future.


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